September 17, 2019

Who should I speak to?

Do you have a request and don't know who to submit it to?

Since we offer many products and services, we thought that you might need enlightenment as to know who to contact depending on your need:

- new order for a printed productJulie, Mélissa or Pierre

- repeat order: Julie, Mélissa or Pierre

- order for a stock product or a warehouse releaseJulie, Mélissa or Pierre

- modification request to your variable content documents: Jocelyne  (450 447-0323) or Manon Rivest

- request concerning the design of your printed materials (page layout, logo, ...): Julie

- question or comment regarding our website: Julie

- payment by credit card: Julie

- request for a Cheque Base Form Use Record: Julie

- for anything regarding accounting or billing: Manon Côté