Professional Orders and Associations

In addition to a diverse clientele counting almost 400 clients, we have established a durable business relationship with about thirty professional orders and associations.

For more than years, we have acted as main supplier and membership management consultant. Formplus offers an expertise adapted to your type of organization. By listening and analyzing your needs, we understand the particularities of your field and we are able to propose optimal print production solutions that are efficient and can be applied to every step of the management of your organization.

Though the years, we have developed a set of products designed for membership management of professional organizations, as well as supplying them with basic administrative printed materials.

Among the forms available, we offer:

  Admission forms

  Membership Roll management forms

  Member's guides and annexes

  Notice of assessment forms

  Official receipts

  Membership cards 

  Election forms

  Envelopes and mailing

  Printing outsourcing

For more information concerning these products, please see the section PDF. 

  • Membership Cards

    We offer 4 types of membership cards. The official receipts form and membership card can be combined or separate.

    For a more complete analysis, please refer tot he PDF below.


    1)  Integrated Cards

    The integrated card is the most popular product. The card is part of a whole paper form (letter or legal size) where the card is covered with a plastic film on both sides. The card is then die cut and becomes detachable. Nominative overprinting of the form and card is then possible on a laser printer.

    2) .010” Plastic Cards For Laser Overprint

    The 0.010" plastic card offers the best value for money. The card is manufactured much like a label and is affixed on a form. The whole is can be overprinted with a laser printer. This product has a lifespan of approximately two to three years.

    3)   Bristol Die Cut Cardboard Cards

    The cardboard card is the most affordable product, but the least durable of all types of membership cards available. Just as for the integrated card, the card is a part of a form that can be overprinted with a laser printer. However, the entire product is made of cardboard. The card is die cut and becomes detachable.

    4)  Embossable 0.030" Plastic Cards

    This is a card very similar to credit cards in size and thickness. Many options, such as a magnetic strip  and embossing, can be added exclusively to this product. It offers the best lifespan and a prestigious appearance, but is the most expensive product available.

  • Counselling Services

    We analyse administrative procedures and recommend optimal document management solutions.

    Such an approach, done in collaboration with the different participants and service providers that your organization employs, enables us to analyse the information flow and simplify administrative methodology, as well as improve the processes of input, printing, transmission and archiving of your documents.

    Our counselling services are aimed at the whole production of your administrative forms or at a specific aspect of your operations, such as:

    ·  The admission
    ·  The management of the annual dues and Membership Roll
    ·  The issuance of receipts and membership cards
    ·  The continuous formation
    ·  Other activities, such as elections, exams, annual conventions, etc.
    ·  The cost analysis related to form production such as mailing,
        stamp cancellation fees and other costs.

    As the need arises, we will put you in contact or we will work with partners in fields such as:

    ·  Information technologies
    ·  Computer sales and services
    ·  Document digitization

  • Turn-Key Solutions

    We offer to our clientele:

    ·  A personalized form design service

    ·  Basic printed materials made in specialized plants according to
       the type of product

    ·  We establish on site laser printing solutions

    ·  Mass printing via outsourcing in our offices

    We coordinate our document printing schedule with your service providers so as to respect the planning of each intervener.