Business Forms

Business forms can take on many shapes depending on the method used for filling them in.

The three major categories are:

·  Continuous forms for use in dot matrix printers;
·  Snap set forms for manual use;
·  Forms in sheets for use in laser printers. 

Market Tendency

Dot matrix printers are being replaced by faster and quieter laser printers.

Product Types

·  Invoices and bills of lading
·  Account statements
·  Cheques
·  Administrative documents
·  Forms with labels or cards


Manufacturing options are available for all these types of products:

·  Information masking on certain copies
·  Magnetic encoding
·  Conventional numbering
·  Bar code numbering
·  Self-verifying numbering
·  Form cutting made to measure
·  Perforations for detaching or folding the documents
·  Hole punches to aid in filing
·  Glue stripes on the back of the forms
·  Labels integrated in the forms
   and crimping forms under continuous format 


Depending on the category of the manufactured product, it can be conditioned in many ways:

·  Sheets
·  Bundles
·  Booklets
·  Accordion folded
·  Rolls
·  Pads

  • Continuous Forms

    These forms are made for dot matrix printers.

    This type of printer is useful for printing multiple copies or specialized documents that cannot be laser printed.

    The options for gluing and crimping the feed strips are often used for these types of documents.They allow for manual use and the distribution of copies once completed.

    Ordering Documents

    The order confirmation, bill of lading, and invoicing documents are generally designed according to their destined use.

    During their design we take into consideration a number of factors such as:

            - The nature and quantity of the information to communicate
            - The mode of distribution: by hand, mail, fax, etc.
            - The ulterior treatment of the copies
            - The control procedures
            - Filing

  • Snap Set Forms

    A snap set form is generally filled in by hand and used in situations where it is impossible to mechanise the treatment of the collected information.

  • Laser Forms

    We make two categories of products for laser printers:

    ·  Laser forms
    ·  The bases for variable content documents

    The forms are completely printed. Only the data is printed by the laser printer.

    They can be single copies or sets, depending on use.

    We often find products such as:

    ·  Invoices
    ·  Account statements
    ·  Cheques

    We also make more sophisticated products such as:

    ·  Forms with shipping labels
    ·  Forms cut or perforated according to the client’s needs

    The majority of available paper types can be used, but the specifications of the printer on which the form will be printed must be taken into consideration.

    We focus on the conditioning of this type of form for problem-free feeding of the sheets.

    Drawing of a base and a completed form.


  • Cheques

    We offer many cheque formats according to our clients’ needs as well as the equipment they own. All our cheque are printed on security paper and may include many security features such as:

    ·  Microcaracters
    ·  Fluorescent inks
    ·  Invisible inks and fibres
    ·  Metallic hot stamping
    ·  Micro embossing

    All our cheques are compliant with the norms established by the Canadian Payment Association.

    Manual Cheque

    We offer the printing of manual cheques, similar to the ones offered by financial institutions.



     Possible uses for manual cheques: 

    - you issue very little cheques;
    - you have no software to issue cheques;
    - you have to quickly issue a cheque, 
      outside of your accounting software;

    - you issue cheque outside of the office;
    - you need personal cheques.

    Please note that you offer only one cheque design.

    Available in multiple of 50 cheques.



    Add a logo in black for $20.00. 

    The customer must supply a vector file. 

    To Order
    To order, please send a cheque specimen (scan or photograph) to:
    call us at 1 844 818-9393. 

    We will send you proof for approval before proceeding. 

    Production delay is 2 business days. 

    Laser Cheque

    Laser cheques are designed according to the software used by the client as well as the organization’s graphic image. Only the data is printed by the user.

    Snap Set or Continuous Cheques

    Snap set cheque are filled out by hand while are used with a dot-matrix printer. They can be manufactured as a single copy or multicopy form. The original is always printed on cheque paper.


    Variable Content Document Bases

    Variable content document bases are used in conjunction with our printing solutions for laser forms. They consist of a screened background and the company’s logo. They are available with 1 or 2 detachable stubs. We also offer plain bases for users with multiples bank accounts.

  • Variable Content Document Bases

    These bases generally serve several forms. This is why they have few or no elements generally found on conventional forms.

    They reflect the corporate image of the organization.

    VCD bases are used in conjunction with our printing solutions for laser forms. During printing, the image of the form and the data are reproduced.


    Various Form Bases

    Contract Form Bases


    Cheque Base With Pre-Printed Logo

    Cheque Base for Multiple Companies