Commercial Printing

We offer different types of general use products for your business such as stationery, administrative documents, publicity, and promotional documents.

The design of printed projects enables us to offer:

  The integration of your corporate logo into
     the document;

  A choice of paper and colours;

  Procedures for printing, binding or finishing.


We have books with samples and printed examples so you can visualize the finished product.

There are generally three steps in every project:


  Proofs and estimate



Businesses have different types of documents:

Corporate Stationery

Letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, pads, etc.


Administrative Documents

Information documents, single copy forms, publications and reports, etc.


Publicity and Marketing

Postcards, foldersgift certificates, magnets, personalized Post-it pads, ruled pads, etc.



Graphic design and printing.

  • Business Cards

    Regular or folded, with conventional offset or digital printing, and a wide choice of paper styles.

  • Postcards

    A simple and efficient way to transmit a message.

    In colour or monochrome printing, on mat or glossy paper. Stamping with postage paid can be planned.

  • Envelopes

    Envelopes project the first impression of your corporate image.

    It is possible to use the same paper and logo as that of your other stationery.

    For more information on envelopes, see the complete section "Envelopes".

  • Flyers

    With varied concepts, flyers precisely convey the characteristics of the products and services you offer your client.

    The presentation of this type of product can take on many forms and is limited only by our imagination.

    Printing in one, two, or four colours… anything is possible.

    In quantities big or small, we offer different products to fit any budget.

  • Presentation Folders

    With one or two folded pockets, extensible or not, with slots for business cards.

    We are able to create the presentation folder that will convey the documentation that you wish to pass along to your clients.

  • Information Documents

    No matter the document you wish to print, we can make it visually appealing and communicative.

    The document’s destined use will guide us in the presentation and appearance of the message you wish to convey.

  • Letterheads

    Coordinating information about your business and the letter depending on the type of communication to be transmitted.

  • Ruled Pads

    These pads of ruled or graph paper are another way to transmit the products and services that you offer.

    We can create anything because there are no design limits. We will find the printing plant capable of producing the most daring designs.


  • Publications and Reports

    Our design team is able to create printed materials that measure up to the image you wish to project for the transmission of messages, information or other details that you publish.

    The design of this type of printed material can be simple or complex, classic or modern. We will employ all efforts to develop a clear and concise communication concept for your readers.

  • Personalized Post-it® Pads

    These pads featuring a self-stick stripe are an excellent way to promote a product or transmit a message to your clients.

    They are available in several sizes with 25, 50, or 100 sheet formats. We can design a concept to be reproduced in colour on white or coloured paper.

  • Gift Certificates

    We offer customized gift certificates, numbered, printed on security paper and assembled in booklet.

  • Magnets

    An excellent marketing tool, we offer printing of magnets, that can be affixed on a support.

  • Greeting Cards and Invitations

    Are you looking for...

    - a holiday cards?
    - a “ Thank You ” cards?
    - a personalised greeting card?
    - an invitation to a corporate event?
    - a wedding invitation?
    - a movind announcement?
    - an engagement announcement?
    - a birth announcement?

    We have what you are looking for!


    Popular Sized and Finishes

    Folded sizes:            Flat Sizes:
    - 4,25 x 5,5                   - 4 x 6
    - 8,5 x 5,5                     - 5 x 7
    - 5 x 7                           - 8,5 x 5,5

    Finishes :
    - plain varnish
    - gloss varnish
    - spot varnish
    - gloss lamination
    - matte lamination
    - recycled paper
    - linen textured paper

    Holiday Cards

    We prepared turn-key materials to offer easily customizable holiday greeting cards. View PDF below to see the material.

    We can include your logo, a greeting of your choice and even signatures of your employees!

    We can also create something unique for your business.


  • Single Copy Forms

    Whether they are completed by hand or machine, our experts are able to create a system of forms for which the presentation and use are uniform and based on recognized communication principles.

    We will deploy all the necessary efforts so that they can contribute to the optimization of your operations.

    These forms can be converted to fillable PDF files.